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The History Department’s newsletter (known warmly as “The Department Historian”) is a biannual electronic update intended to provide subscribers with current information about departmental activities. Each issue includes sections on the recent activities of faculty and graduate students, reports from alumni and emeriti faculty, information about upcoming events and special historical collections at the UNC libraries, and other relevant information.

Below, you can find PDF copies of our most recent issues. You can also peruse individual articles, view back issues, and find out how to donate to the History Department here. For questions, suggestions, or to subscribe or update your subscription, send an email to

To see previous Department Newsletters or peruse the full articles, please click here.

Annual Reviews

The History Department continues to expand its programs, to add new faculty, and to train our students in ways that enrich North Carolina and the nation in special ways. Through our Annual Review, we cast a wide net that is designed to report timely news about the work of UNC history faculty and graduates and to share this news with a broad audience. We are grateful to our readers for sending updates on their work to us because we are justly proud of all that you do. For a PDF of the current and past Annual Reviews, click on the links below: