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  • Dr. Genna Rae McNeil in The Road to Brown

    At the Passmore Center, members of the Hillsborough community gathered to view the 1990 documentary titled The Road to Brown. The documentary discussed the landmark Civil Rights case Brown v. Board of Education, but focused specifically on Charles Hamilton Houston, … Read more

  • DuVal in Time Magazine

    Our very own Dr. Kathleen DuVal wrote a compelling piece in Time Magazine discussing ongoing efforts by indigenous groups in the United States to reclaim artifacts currently held in museums across the country – as an increasing number of institutions have taken … Read more

  • UNC PhD Eaves Earns Tenure, Publishes Book

    We want to extend our warmest congratulations to Dr. Shannon Eaves, who graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with her PhD in History in 2015, for earning tenure and promotion to the position of Associate Professor at the College of Charleston! Eaves … Read more

  • Dr. Kathleen DuVal in The Atlantic

    An excerpt of Dr. Kathleen DuVal’s recently published book, Native Nations (2024), was published in The Atlantic. Here, please read Dr. DuVal’s article on Native North Americans’ economic, political, and social innovations during the Little Ice Age. Later this month, … Read more

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