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  • Prof. Emerita Hall Honored by NC Literary & Historical Association

    Please join our department in congratulating Prof. Emerita Jacquelyn Hall! Dr. Hall is being honored by the North Carolina Literary and Historical Association as winner of the 2022 NCLHA’s Christopher Crittenden Award for Significant Contributions to History in North Carolina.   The … Continued

  • Professor Emeritus Ferris wins MCJ Pathfinder Award

    On October 25, 2022, the Mississippi Center for Justice hosted their annual Champions of Justice event – a fundraising event that helps to sustain their efforts to “dismantle Mississippi’s culture of injustice.” Among those honored at the event was Dr. … Continued

  • Professor Kramer discusses “civic health” in The Well

    In the most recent issue of The Well, Dr. Lloyd Kramer – History Professor and Director of Carolina Public Humanities – suggests that a thriving public life is as important for communities as physical health. Interviewed by Scott Jared, Dr. … Continued

  • Kathleen DuVal co-authors new U.S. History Textbook

    We’re delighted to share the news that the new edition of the Norton U.S. history textbook Give Me Liberty! just was published, co-authored by UNC History Professor Kathleen DuVal, along with Eric Foner and Lisa McGirr. You can listen to Drs. DuVal, Foner, … Continued

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