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Frances Cayton Presents Her Work, American Historical Association

Undergraduate students in History have been incredibly successful, winning awards and prizes for their work and research. For a list of all recent prize winners, click here.

Undergraduate Funding

Undergraduate students working with History advisers can also apply for SURF grants, Robinson Honors Fellowships, Birch Fellowships, and other opportunities. Click here for a list of funding opportunities on campus available to History students.

Limited funding is available for undergraduate students who want to travel to a regional or national conference to present their historical work. For more information, contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Katherine Turk (

Undergraduate Prizes

The History department makes competitive funding available to support student travel related to historical research or to approved study abroad programs through the Boyatt and Kusa awards. The department also offers a limited number of small research and travel grants to eligible majors completing their 398 Capstone Seminars.

Each year, the department is proud to award the Joshua Meador Prize for the best 398 History Essay, and the Frank Ryan Prize for the best senior honors thesis.

The most recent Joshua Meador Prize winners can be found here.

The most recent Frank Ryan Prize winners can be found here.