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Dr. Katherine Turk        Director of Undergraduate Studies

With over 700 majors and minors, the undergraduate program in History forms the heart and soul of our department. Our faculty consistently win some of the university’s top teaching awards for their creativity in the classroom, ranging from large lectures to small intensive seminars. A cornerstone of the liberal arts education, the study of History explores the diversity of human experiences in the past. By doing so, it promotes an understanding of the historical circumstances that shape the opportunities and challenges of the present. Students in History develop invaluable skills: how to analyze different kinds of evidence, evaluate conflicting arguments, and communicate what they have learned to their peers and the wider public. Last but not least, studying History prepares students for diverse careers after graduation and a life of informed citizenship, locally and globally.


Undergraduate Program News 

  • Undergraduate Henderson featured in Smithsonian Voices

    Over the past summer, UNC undergraduate student and History and Business Administration double major Maddie Henderson (Ojibwe/Chippewa) completed an internship with the Smithsonian. As part of that work, she learned about “the Indian boarding school era and how forced assimilation … Read more

  • Digital History Lab Podcast: The Past Presented

    UNC History Department’s Digital History Lab is very excited to announce the first episode in their new podcast, “The Past Presented.” The podcast aims to examine the tools, techniques, and technologies that historians use to study the past through interviews … Read more

  • Undergraduate History Major Emily Orland Publishes with The Fire

    Undergraduate history and journalism major Emily Orland has published a new piece with The Fire that reflects on her experience as a student-journalist at UNC. Orland uses her training in both history and journalism to comment on the complexity of … Read more

  • Kimathi Muiruri ’21 named Rhodes Scholar

    Kimathi Muiruri ’21, who majored in history and environmental studies, was a Morehead-Cain Scholar, a member of Phi Beta Kappa and is an Honors Carolina laureate. He is the third Tar Heel to be named a Rhodes Scholar this fall. … Read more

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