Associate Professor; Director of Undergraduate Studies
457 Hamilton Hall
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BA University of Vermont, 1994
MA University of Vermont, 1998
MA Stanford University, 2000
PhD Stanford University, 2005

Research Interests

Brett Whalen works on Christian intellectual and cultural history during the High Middle Ages (c. 1000–1350). Among other topics, he teaches courses on the crusades, apocalyptic thought, and the medieval Roman Church. His first monograph, Dominion of God: Christendom and Apocalypse in the Middle Ages, explores the medieval belief that Christianity would spread to every corner of the earth before the end of time. He has just published a new book, The Medieval Papacy, written for students and non-specialist audiences. Currently, he is working on a new book project, A Royal Priesthood: Papal Monarchy and the Public Realm in the Thirteenth Century.

Some Notable Publications

  • The Medieval Papacy (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014)
  • Pilgrimage in the Middle Ages (University of Toronto Press, 2011)
  • “Corresponding with Infidels: Rome, the Almohads, and the Christians of Thirteenth-Century Morocco,” The Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies 41 (2011): 487–513
  • Dominion of God: Christendom and Apocalypse in the Middle Ages (Harvard University Press, 2009)
  • “God’s Will or Not? Bohemond’s Campaign against the Byzantine Empire (1105–1107),” in The Crusades: Medieval Worlds in Conflict. Ed. Thomas Madden, James Naus, and Vincent Ryan (Ashgate, 2010), 111–126

Graduate Students

Courses Taught (as schedule allows)

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  • HIST 89—Faith and Violence in the Middle Ages (First Year Seminar)
  • HIST 107—Introduction to Medieval History
  • HIST 177—The Apocalypse in the Christian Middle Ages (Honors Seminar)
  • HIST 228—The Medieval Expansion of Europe
  • HIST 391—Medieval Europe & the Crusading Experience
  • HIST 431—The Medieval Church
  • HIST 436—Medieval Theology and the Body
  • HIST 701—Medieval Studies (Graduate Seminar)