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Jennifer Parker

Business Manager

Jennifer Parker’s role in the History Department involves developing, implementing, assessing, and evaluating the management policies necessary for successfully effecting the Department’s tripartite missions of research, teaching, and service. These include policies in the realms of finance and accounting, personnel, contract and grant management, scheduling, procurement, development, information technology, and strategic planning.

Joyce Loftin

Accounting Technician

Joyce Loftin serves as the departmental accountant and is responsible for all internal and external billing activity, travel and other departmental financial responsibilities; serves as Human Resource Facilitator; coordinates national and international conferences; records retention coordinator; parking coordinator and facility coordinator.

Hannah McMillan

Graduate Coordinator

Hannah McMillan is the assistant to the Graduate Program. She has in-depth knowledge of Graduate School regulations, which she interprets and administers for faculty and graduate students within the Department; she also assists in the development of Departmental guidelines. She receives, screens, and processes applications for admission to the Graduate Program.

Jeanette Jennings

Undergraduate Coordinator and Webmaster

Jeanette Jennings serves as the assistant to the Undergraduate Program and has responsibility for the operation of the Department’s undergraduate studies office. She is the Department’s liaison between undergraduates, faculty, and college administrators, and she has thorough knowledge of and strong commitment to the academic process. She assists the Associate Chair with scheduling courses and working with the registrar’s office each semester.  She is also the department’s webmaster.

Sharon Anderson

Office Assistant and co-Webmaster

Sharon Anderson assists department faculty with their teaching responsibilities, committee obligations, and professional activities. Her duties include handling departmental textbook orders as well as preparation of classroom materials, letters and memos, and article and book manuscripts

Michael Williams

Administrative Support Associate to the Department Chair

Michael Williams provides service to distinguished professors with classroom preparation, professional correspondence and committee work. This position also provides administrative support to the department’s search committees and edits the Department Newsletter. The administrative support associate to the chair also assists the department manager with faculty appointments and departmental functions.

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