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Status: PhD Student

Adviser: Eren Tasar and Molly Worthen

Graduate Email:



B.A., University of Illinois Chicago, 2021 - History
M.A., University of Illinois Chicago, 2023 - History

Thesis: "Shifting Identities and the Cultivation of Community: Muslim Students at the University of Illinois Chicago since the 1960s"

Research Interests

My research interests include Middle Eastern history, Global Islam, scholarly traditions in the Muslim World, Islam in the West, modern U.S. religious history, and transnationalism related to religious, cultural, and intellectual exchange. My work seeks to chronicle the development of a modern Islamic scholarly authority with respect to modernity itself, and analyze the ways it has influenced politics, community development, and the very notion of a contemporary “Muslim World.” I am also passionate about public history and the ways it can be used to highlight the stories and experiences of often marginalized, misrepresented, and misunderstood communities in U.S. society, particularly communities of color and religious minorities.