Justin Wu

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Justin WuPhD Student

Major Field: Asian History
Michael Tsin



BS University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2013 (History, Psychology)

Research Interests

Broadly, I am interested in the sociocultural development of Hong Kong and its role in Sino-British relations. Specifically, I want to explore how Hong Kong people’s national belonging to China changes in the twentieth century, particularly after the establishment of the PRC. This will strengthen our understanding of ‘Chinese people’ (living in or out of China) after 1949, as they shifted from embracing Chinese identity fully to becoming skeptical of it. My goal is to trace the origin and study extensively the meaning of the idea of a distinct ‘Hong Kong identity’ that absorbs both Chinese and Western (particularly British) influences, resulting in a unique identity of its own, and explore its political implication to Taiwan and China, as well as providing insight into the identity struggle of Chinese migrants and exiled activists staying in foreign countries.

My other interests include popular culture (e.g. film, music, sport, anime) and nationalism in twentieth century China, Japan and Britain.

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