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Status: PhD Student

Adviser: Lisa Lindsay and Lauren Jarvis

Graduate Email:

Research Interests

Temitayo Olukayode is a PhD student in the department of history at UNC. She is interested in disasters in African history within the colonial context. Through a comparative approach, she is interested in how development patterns, cultural settings, political actors, economic and social structures have shaped responses to disasters in the past. She would use disaster as an historical lens to examine key themes of colonialism, nationalism, and underdevelopment in Africa.

Temitayo Olukayode is a first-class graduate from the University of Lagos. She earned her bachelor's degree in history in 2021. Her bachelor’s thesis is on “Student Activism and Conflict Management at the University of Lagos, 1978–2012." She is currently working on a scholarly project tentatively entitled, "Disasters in Nigeria’s History: The Lalupon Train Accident in Perspective."

She also established a non-profit organization named “Temitayo Foundation” to provide welfare materials for vulnerable people in underserved communities, specifically for elderly citizens and children in Lagos, Nigeria.