Status: PhD Student

Adviser: Karen Auerbach

Graduate Email:

Curriculum Vitae


B.Ed. University of Augsburg (Germany), 2015
Exchange Graduate Student, Emory University, 2015-16
M.A. University of Augsburg (Germany), 2017

Research Interests

My dissertation traces the dynamics of Jewish memory and identity. It looks at Jews from the Habsburg province Galicia, their lives and communities in eastern Europe and the diaspora (1880s-1960s). My research interests include modern Jewish history, East-Central European history, eastern European and American Jewish history, memory and cultural studies.

Some Notable Publications

With Jason Francisco, “Old Homes Made New: American Jews Travelling to Eastern Europe from 1920 to the Present,“ in Memory, Migration and Travel, ed. Sabine Marschall (London and New York: Routledge, 2018), 146-169.

Courses Offered

HIST 220 “The Olympic Games – A Global History” (TA for Dr. Matthew Andrews)