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Status: PhD Candidate

Adviser: Karen Auerbach

Graduate Email:

Curriculum Vitae


BEd, University of Augsburg (Germany)
Exchange Graduate Student, Emory University
MA, University of Augsburg (Germany)

Research Interests

My research interests include the social and cultural history of Jews in East Central Europe, the Jewish immigrant experience in the United States, and Yiddish culture. I am particularly interested in questions of belonging and place in the modern era, memory, and transnationalism. My dissertation looks at Jewish immigrants from the Habsburg province of Galicia in New York's Lower East Side from the 1890s to 1930s. Specifically, it traces the concept of the "Galitsyaner" within the larger immigrant community, its social organizations and in Yiddish popular culture.

Some Notable Publications

Recent Public Engagements

  • “Galicia on Our Mind: The Role of Regionalism in New York’s Jewish Immigrant Community,” Public Talk at the Center for Jewish History, New York, May 2022.
  • “A Shtetl In New York? Jews from Eastern Europe and the American Immigrant Experience,” Public Talk at Wake Technical Community College, organized by Carolina Public Humanities and co-sponsored by the Carolina Center for Jewish Studies, April 2021.
  • “Imagination Meets Reality: American Jewish Encounters in Interwar Poland,” 52nd Annual Conference of the Association for Jewish Studies, December 2020.

Courses Offered

  • HIST 140: The World Since 1945 (TA)
  • HIST 159: From War to Prosperity: 20th-Century Europe (TA)
  • HIST 220: The Olympic Games: A Global History (TA)
  • HIST 262: The History of the Holocaust (TA)
  • HIST 395: The Memory of the Holocaust: Autobiographies, Diaries, Graphic Novels, and Films (Instructor)