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Kathleen DuVal’s New Book Recently PublishedDuvalCover

Kathleen DuVal teaches Early American history and American Indian history. The Publisher states that “over the last decade, DuVal has revitalized the study of early America’s marginalized voices”. In her newly published book, Independence Lost: Lives on the Edge of the American Revolution (Random House), she recounts an untold story as rich and significant as that of the Founding Fathers: the history of the Revolutionary Era as experienced by slaves, American Indians, women, and British loyalists living on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Read more about her book here.

Award for Distinguished Service to Labor and Working-Class History

Jacquelyn HallJacquelyn Dowd Hall, Julia Cherry Spruill Professor Emerita, received the award for Distinguished Service to Labor and Working-Class History. The Labor and Working-Class History Association is an organization of scholars, teachers, students, labor educators, and activists who seek to promote public and scholarly awareness of labor and working-lass history through research, writing, and organizing.

Wilkerson-JessicaRecent History PhD Recipient Receives Herbert G. Gutman Prize

Jessica Wilkerson (Adviser: Jacquelyn D. Hall), one of our recent PhD recipients and now Assistant Professor at Ole Miss, received the Herbert G. Gutman Prize from the Labor and Working-Class History Association for her dissertation, “Where Movements Meet: From the War on Poverty to Grassroots Feminism in the Appalachian South” (UNC-Chapel Hill, 2014). You can read more about the prize here.

UNC History Graduate Publishes Winning Article

Our PhD candidate T. Evan Faulkenbury’s article, “Preventing a Second Redemption: The Voter Education Project and Black Elected Officials, 1966-1968,” was published in the Southern Historian (Spring 2015) and it won the Summersell Prize for Best Article. He also received a Graduate Student Summer Research Grant from the Institute of African American Research for 2015. Evan will continue to work as a Field Scholar with the Southern Oral History Program in 2015-2016.

UNC History Graduate Featured in NPR Article

alexey_korzukhin-_the_sunday_1884_custom-bdaee51547a57e7408a27bf2b4106784f5fd89fa-s800-c85Our PhD candidate Audra Yoder (adviser Louise McReynolds) was featured in an article for NPR’s Tea Tuesdays. The featured topic was, “Tea Tuesdays: Cold Weather, Gogol And The Rise Of The Russian Samovar” and can be read hereTea Tuesdays is an occasional series exploring the science, history, culture and economics of this ancient brewed beverage.

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