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The Old Well

On a limited basis, the department of History can offer modest funds ($200-400) to support research and travel by majors enrolled in their “capstone” 398 seminars. Travel can be local but might also include archives in libraries in Washington D.C. or elsewhere in the country. The funds might also be combined with other sources of support to enable international travel.

Interested students must be enrolled in a 398 seminar to be eligible for such awards and will need a letter of support from the instructor of their course. For details and the application form, click here.

Some past award winners include:


Coby Devito, “Roosevelt, Congress, and World War II: How Public Opinion Failed to Shape United States Foreign Policy Prior to the Second World War”
Instructor: Klaus Larres

Robert Williams, “Focus on Failure: Why Focquismo was Destined to Fail”
Instructor: Miguel La Serna

Josha Roriguez, “Hope Through Defiance: Che Guevara and Latin American Autonomy”
Instructor: Miguel La Serna

Kess Hendrix, “Africans in Art: Visual Representations of Africans During the Slave Trade and Abolition Era”
Instructor: Lisa Lindsay