These are just some of the recent publications by undergraduates working with History faculty. Even more of our undergraduates publish in Traces, the prize-winning UNC History departmental journal.


Bryson Penley, “’The Great Popular Heart’ in Civil War North Carolina,” Michigan Historical Review 15 (2019).

Most Recent Issue

Lacey Hunter, “Redefining Henry Laurens,” Ezra’s Archive: Journal of the Cornell History Society 7 (2017).

Rachel Holcomb, “Quattrocento Florence’s Humanistic Ideals Portrayed Through Architecture,” Michigan Journal of History 13 (2017): 160-84.

Elyse Sulkey, “Guibert of Nogent: The Development of Rhetoric from Anti-Judaism to Anti-Semitism,” The Virginia Tech Undergraduate Historical Review 5 (2016).

Burt Westermeier, “Mass Pilgrimage and the Christological Context of the First Crusade,” Michigan Journal of History 10 (2013): 189-214.

John S. Runge, “Lost Trust: A Yellow Fever Patient Response,” Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine 86 (2013): 571–582.