These are just some of the recent publications by undergraduates working with History faculty. Even more of our undergraduates publish in Traces, the prize-winning UNC History departmental journal.


Lacey Hunter, “Redefining Henry Laurens,” Ezra’s Archive: Journal of the Cornell History Society 7 (2017).

Rachel Holcomb, “Quattrocento Florence’s Humanistic Ideals Portrayed Through Architecture,” Michigan Journal of History 13 (2017): 160-84.

Elyse Sulkey, “Guibert of Nogent: The Development of Rhetoric from Anti-Judaism to Anti-Semitism,” The Virginia Tech Undergraduate Historical Review 5 (2016).

Burt Westermeier, “Mass Pilgrimage and the Christological Context of the First Crusade,” Michigan Journal of History 10 (2013): 189-214.

John S. Runge, “Lost Trust: A Yellow Fever Patient Response,” Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine 86 (2013): 571–582.