Thomas Sheppard

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Major Field: Military History
Wayne Lee

BA Troy University, 2008 (History)
MA Florida State University, 2010
MA Thesis: “Petty Despots and Executive Officials: Civil-Military Relations in the Early American Navy”
PhD University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2014

Research Interests

My major research interest is American military history, with a particular focus on naval history. My M.A. thesis explored civil-military relations in the American Navy from its creation by Congress in 1794 through the infamous Barron–Decatur duel of 1820. For my dissertation, I plan to include the often tumultuous relationship between the Continental Congress and its naval officers during the American Revolution, as well as expand my exploration of the culture of honor in the United States at the time and how a particular emphasis on honor shaped the interaction between America’s captains and their civilian superiors in Washington. Finally, I will explore the ways—both intended and unintended—in which America’s Navy and its leaders shaped the international perception of the new republic and advanced the United States’ position in world affairs.

Curriculum Vitae

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