Kristen Dolan

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Dolan copyPhD

Major Field: European History
Other Fields: 
Military History and United States History
Konrad H. Jarausch


MA University of Nevada at Las Vegas, 1993 (Political Science)
MA Thesis: “Nixon and Carter: A Comparative Analysis of American Foreign Policy Toward the Middle East”
PhD University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2013
Dissertation: “Isolating Nazism: Civilian Internment in American Occupied Germany, 1944–1950”

Research Interests

My research interests include modern Germany, twentieth-century U.S diplomatic history, political culture, and the politics of memory. My dissertation examines civilian internment in American occupied Germany. Under the auspices of Allied “denazification,” which sought to eradicate Nazism as a precursor to democratization, the American Military Government arrested a wide array of Nazi Party-affiliated Germans. Within a year, a zone-wide network of fifteen enclosures held over 150,000 internees. Rather than maintain this trajectory, American authorities quickly consolidated camps and handed responsibility for civilian internment to the Germans themselves, thus heralding an important transition in the relationship between occupier and occupied.

By exploring what took place inside the camps and how that related to larger transformation efforts, I hope to advance scholarly understanding of Germany’s postwar transition to democracy. I am especially interested in investigating how American and German authorities negotiated the contradictions inherent in detaining a significant segment of the population while initiating democratic reforms, and the ways in which the discourse related to civilian internment changed over the course of the occupation.

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