Brooke Bauer

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Major Field: United States History
Kathleen A. DuVal


BA  Winthrop University, 2005

MA  Winthrop University, 2007
PhD University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2016

Research Interests

My research interests include Colonial U.S. and Southeastern American Indian history. My dissertation is entitled “This ‘Inalienable’ Land: The World of Sally New River, Catawba Indian, 1746–1840.” I am examining Catawba Indian women of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries by investigating how Catawba women determined the continuity of their culture through their kinship, land, and material culture (basketry and pottery). I am also focusing on Catawbas’ motivation for the movement of their towns, and their land ownership and leasing system (1750–1840) as related to Catawba women. I am looking at Catawba history from the perspectives of Catawba women, with a specific focus on one Catawba woman, Sally New River. My project spans the years of 1746, Sally’s birth year, and 1840 when the Catawba Nation relinquished their lands in the Nation Ford Treaty with South Carolina. The cultural markers of kinship, land, and material culture will reveal a pronounced relationship between eighteenth-century Catawba women and Catawba Indian’s cultural construct. The central objective is to tell Catawba women’s story, and, in so doing, enhance our understanding of Catawba history, but also Native American history and the history of women in early America.

Curriculum Vitae

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