Ian Yunker

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PhD Student

Major Field: American and Military History
Joseph Glatthaar

BA Duke University, 2005
MA The Catholic University of America, 2012
(International Affairs)
MA University of Alabama, 2016 (History)
MA Thesis: “A Dangerous Terra Incognita: The Environment, Soldiers, and the Creation of a Militarized Landscape at Spotsylvania, May 8-21, 1864”

Research Interests

I study the intersection of military, environmental, and cultural history in the late 18th and 19th centuries and am currently exploring dissertation topics that link these themes. My MA thesis examined the impact of the environment and an increasingly militarized landscape on combat and soldiers at the 1864 battle of Spotsylvania. My interests include early, antebellum, and Civil War America, US and British military history, environmental history, and military, naval, and maritime culture.

Curriculum Vitae

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