James Covington

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james covingtonMA Student





Major Field: Military History
Michael Cotey Morgan, Wayne E. Lee

BA University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2005

Research Interests

I am attending UNC on the U. S. Marine Corps Advanced Degree Program. I will be attending UNC for two years; then I will teach at the U. S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. My research interests include the Balkans during the breakup of the Former Yugoslavia (1992–1995), more specifically, United States foreign policy toward the region—why the U. S. got involved when they did. Just as the U. S. emerged victorious from the Cold War, this calamity broke out in the Balkans. Leaving the world’s only superpower with a dilemma. Possessing the only military capable of putting a halt to the violence erupting in the region (especially in Bosnia-Herzegovina) the U. S. had some moral obligation to do so, but American military intervention was not popular among the American people at the time. The conflict has been called the worst European atrocities since the Holocaust.

Curriculum Vitae

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