Alexandria Ruble

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headshotPhD Candidate

Major Field: Modern European and Gender History
Karen Hagemann



BA Christopher Newport University, 2010 (History)
MA University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2012
Master’s Thesis: “Equality and Difference: Political Debates on ‘Gender Equality’ in West Germany, 1949–1958”

Research Interests

My dissertation, titled “ ‘Equal but not the Same’: The Struggle for “Gleichberechtigung” and the Reform of Marriage and Family Law in East and West Germany, 1945–1968” explores how politicians, society, and the media in East and West Germany disputed how to legally define and implement Gleichberechtigung von Männern und Frauen, or “the equality of men and women” into marriage and family law between the mid-1940s and late 1960s. This reform represented the culmination of a decades-long struggle by the German women’s movement to guarantee women equal civil status with men in marriage and the family. In their debates over family law, politicians, women’s associations, churches, trade unions, and the media in both Germanys defined the meaning of equal rights for women and men and the gendered division of labor in marriage and the family. The new legislation—the 1957 Equal Rights Act (Gleichberechtigungsgesetz) in the West and the 1965 Family Code (Familiengesetzbuch) in the East—reflected the specific limits of “gender equality” in the capitalist FRG and the communist GDR and the entanglement of debates and policies in both German states. In the context of the Cold War, gender and the family were key markers of difference between East and West. Read more…

Curriculum Vitae

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