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First, please ensure that you are eligible!  Check NEH’s eligibility criteria for participation in Summer Seminars and Institutes at:

Application Submission and Notification Procedure

A completed application consists of the following four requirements:

  1. A filled out application cover sheet. Fill out this sheet, and submit it by March 1, 2017, at:

  1. A concise curriculum vitae (no more than four pages);
  2. An application essay no longer than four double-spaced pages. In this essay you should explain your interest, both academic and personal, in the subject to be studied; clarify the qualifications and experience that equip you to do the work of the Institute, and to make a contribution to a learning community; and state what you hope to accomplish by participating. Be sure to elaborate on the relationship between the Institute and your objectives and responsibilities for teaching and curricular development.

Submit your c.v. and essay by March 1, 2017, to:

  1. One letter of recommendation. Please arrange for an academic referee who knows you and your work to send a letter direct by March 1, 2017, to:

n.b.  Only the filled out application cover sheet is to be submitted directly to NEH. Do not submit any other material to NEH.

You will be notified via email of the selection committee’s decision on your application on March 31, 2017. Successful applicants will have until Friday, April 7 to accept or decline the offer. Once you have accepted an offer to participate in any NEH Summer Program, you may not accept an additional offer or withdraw in order to accept a different offer. The stipend payable for participation in a four-week program is $3,300.

        If you have any query about applying, please write to one of the addresses under Contact Information below (on the last page), not to the migrationNEH address above.

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