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The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was the nation’s first public university (opened in 1795), and today it ranks very high in this group. Academic facilities are excellent. Not only does the main (Davis) library hold more than six million volumes—which ranks it among the top twenty libraries in the nation—but its holdings in the ancient field are truly exceptional. Davis Library also houses the Ancient World Mapping Center (, a further resource for Institute participants. A graduate assistant recruited for the Institute will be ready to assist participants in overcoming difficulties. As visiting scholars, participants will also have access to campus recreational facilities, including the natatorium, for a minimal fee.

Chapel Hill is in the center of the state just south of I-40 and I-85. Despite its relatively small size, the town offers excellent restaurants, a lively music scene, and hiking and bike trails. On the campus and beyond, musical and theatrical performances as well as art exhibits continue throughout the summer. Three hours’ journey away in each direction are Atlantic beaches to the east, and the Appalachian mountains to the west.

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