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Independent studies are for students who have a specific intellectual interest that is not covered by existing courses. Students should check the Course Catalog and make sure the topic they want to study is not covered by an existing course.

To apply to do an Independent Study, the student must contact and attain the approval of a UNC History Professor who will serve as the “Instructor of Record” for the Independent Study, and then together they will fill out the Independent Study Contract by using the Online Learning Contract Manager.  There are two types of Independent Study Contracts:

  • HIST 495 (Directed Readings in History):  Directed primary source research and production of a research project, supervised by a member of the department. Prior coursework in the selected field is recommended.
  • HIST 496 (Independent Research in History):  Directed reading and relevant writing, supervised by a member of the department, in a selected field of history.

Once you have completed the relevant Independent Study Contract, you should submit the contract to the HIST Department’s Lecturer/Undergraduate Advisor, Dr. Matthew Andrews (HM 515).  The contract must be submitted no later than the first day of classes for the relevant semester.  

If you have any questions about this you should contact Dr. Andrews –