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Fall 2019

“Civil War as Lived Experience” – Professor William Barney

“Women, Nazi Germany, and The Holocaust: Experiences and Memories” – Professor Karen Hagemann

“Leisure-Time in the Making of Modern America”- Professor Jerma Jackson

“Nazi Germany: A View from the Sources” –  Professor Konrad Jarausch

“Cold War Summits” – Professor Michael Morgan

“The Russian Revolution and Its Impact on World History” – Professor Donald Raleigh


Spring 2020 (Subject to change; please check ConnectCarolina/History website for updates before spring registration begins in November) 

“Monuments, Commemoration, and Memory” – Professor Fitz Brundage

“Ancient Slavery” – Professor Fred Naiden

“Environmental History” – Professor Cynthia Radding

“My Hometown” – Professor William Sturkey

“Writing Central Asia” – Professor Eren Tasar

“Before the War: Exploring the Antebellum South” – Professor Harry Watson