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Status: MA Student

Adviser: Wayne Lee and Michael Cotey Morgan

Graduate Email:


  • BA (Art History), Columbia University, 2002
  • MMAS (Art of War / Military History), U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, 2016
  • Research Interests

    I’m focused on the development of military operating concepts and doctrine set within the broader context of American grand strategy in the late Cold War. My intent is to merge the US army’s inward (repairing the institution through doctrine and materiel) and outward (refurbishing its tarnished reputation with American society) looks through the lenses of both cultural and operational military history.

    Some Notable Publications

  • “Learning to Win While Fighting Outnumbered: General Donn A. Starry and the Challenge of Institutional Leadership during a Period of Reform and Modernization,” Military Review (April 2017); available on-line: here
  • “Learning to Win While Fighting Outnumbered: Operational Risk in the U.S. Army, 1973-1982, and the Influence of the 1973 Arab-Israeli War,” MMAS Thesis (Fort Leavenworth, KS: U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, 2016); available on-line: here
  • With the Chief of Staff of the Army Strategic Studies Group, Cohort I, “Testing Assumptions about the Role of Land Power in 2030,” (Washington, DC: HQ, Department of the Army, 2013).
  • With J.M. Matter, T. Takahashi, and D. Goldberg, (Spring, 2002) “Secure, Long-Term Sequestration of CO2 in Basaltic Rocks: Results from Preliminary Field and Laboratory Experiments,” Poster session presented at the Spring Meeting of the American Geophysical Union; available on-line: here