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Status: PhD Candidate

Adviser: Benjamin Waterhouse

Graduate Email:

Curriculum Vitae


B.A. Fordham University, 2017
M.A. UNC-Chapel Hill, 2019

Research Interests

My dissertation examines how US industrial union leaders engaged in political lobbying and worked through international trade union federations to advance their interests related to international trade, capital movements, and global labor standards from the 1940s through the 1980s. Broadly, my research interests include organized labor, business associations, multinational enterprise, and political economy.

Recent Public Engagements

  • “‘Harmonisation Upward’: The United Steelworkers and International Labor Standards in the Developing World, 1949-1959,” Travel Research Awards Brown Bag Talks Series, Penn State University, June 2018
  • Courses Offered

  • Instructor-HIST364: History of American Business (online)
  • TA-HIST364/MNGT364: History of American Business
  • TA-HIST207: The Global Cold War
  • TA-HIST289: America in the 1970s
  • TA-HIST125: The Social History of Popular Music in 20th Century America