Status: PhD Candidate

Adviser: Fred Naiden and Richard J. A. Talbert


BA University of South Florida, 2011 (History, minor in Classics)
MA University of South Florida, 2015 (History, minor in Classics)

Research Interests

My interests lie generally in the social, political, and military history of the Ancient Mediterranean world, but more particularly in the Archaic and Classical periods of Greece. I am primarily interested in ancient historiography, Athenian imperialism, and Greek identity as well as self-representation, rhetoric, and propaganda. My research has spanned diverse topics such as Persian identity and Athenian ideology in Herodotus’ Histories, strategic resources in the Peloponnesian War, Greek naval and land warfare, the imperial cult in the Latin West, Severan propaganda, and Roman constructions of gender and sexuality. My approach to these topics and historical research involves melding theoretical and empirical methodologies through the incorporation of epigraphy and numismatics with an emphasis on textual evidence and literature.