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Status: PhD Candidate

Adviser: Jay M. Smith

Graduate Email:


B.A. George Washington University, 2012
M.A. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2016
M.A. Thesis: “State Power, Popular Resistance, and Competing Nationalist Narratives in France, 1791-1871”

Research Interests

My dissertation, “Fractured Nationalism and the Crises of French Identity, 1789-1906,” discusses polemical discourse surrounding major uprisings and cultural flashpoints in modern France. I propose that in producing rival narratives of these events, ideologues created irreconcilable images of the French nation and French identity.

Courses Offered

  • HIST 158: Early Modern European History – TA
  • HIST 151: European History to 1650 – TA
  • HIST 140: The World Since 1945 – TA
  • HIST 161: Russia Becomes and Empire – TA
  • HIST 125: The Social History of Popular Music in 20th Century America – TA