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Status: PhD Candidate

Adviser: Michelle King

Graduate Email:


BA Furman University, 2015

Research Interests

Donald Santacaterina is a Ph.D. student studying media, information networks, and newspapers in recent Chinese history, with Women’s and Gender Studies as his secondary field. His initial research interests centered on the hukou household registration system but have evolved into studies of media and news networks during the early PRC period. He is particularly interested in the discursive effects of the People’s Daily newspaper, and its use as a pedagogical tool to “teach” socialist values through newspaper reading groups. Donald’s MA Thesis, titled “Wuhao: The Five Goods Movement and Evolving Forms of State Governance over Domestic Space and Family Life in the People’s Republic of China, 1956-1958” used the People’s Daily as a source to discuss the PRC state’s use of national models to define the “proper” role of housewives under socialism.