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Status: PhD Student

Adviser: Erik Gellman and Benjamin Waterhouse

Graduate Email:



A.A. Santa Barbara City College (2018): History and Political Science
B.A. University of California, Los Angeles (2020): History and the Study of Religion
Thesis: "Constructing a United Front Against Organized Labor and the New Deal:
Employer Associations, Civic Groups, and the Los Angeles Business Community, 1935-1941”

Research Interests

I study labor, business, and Latinx history in the twentieth century United States, particularly in California during the New Deal era. My master’s thesis aims to chronicle the Ventura County Citrus Strike of 1941 and use the event as a case study to weave together varies historiographical threads in legal, labor, business, and Latinx history. I plan to continue researching the county for my dissertation.

Courses Offered

  • HIST 128: American History since 1865 – AT
  • HIST 364/MNGT 364: The History of American Business – TA
  • HIST/MNGT 365: The Worker in American Life – TA