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Status: PhD Candidate

Adviser: Konrad Jarausch

Graduate Email:

Curriculum Vitae


B.A. University of Pittsburgh, 2009
M.A. University of Houston, 2013
M.A. Thesis: “Breeding Hate: The Story of the Norwegian Lebensborn Children”

Research Interests

My dissertation is entitled: “Children of Shame: The Contested Legacy of the SS Lebensborn Program in Norway, 1940-Present.” My research interests include: 20th century European history, the World War era, military occupation policy, women, gender, and memory.

Some Notable Publications

  • “Romance, Marriage, and the Lebensborn Program: Gendering German Expectations and Reality in Occupied Norway” in German Occupied Europe in the Second World War, edited by Raffael Scheck, Julia Torrie, and Fabian Théofilakis (forthcoming from Routledge)

Recent Public Engagements

  • Invited Talk: “Nazi Policies and Norwegian Reactions: Opposing or Accommodating the Holocaust in Norway, 1940-1945” at the Raleigh-Cary Jewish Community Center (2017)

Courses Offered

  • HIST 347: “The Fascist Challenges in Europe, 1918-1945” (TF)
  • HIST 140: “The World Since 1945” (online course instructor)
  • HIST 207: “The Global Cold War” (TA)
  • HIST 159: “20th Century Europe” (TA)
  • HIST 351: “The Global History of Warfare” (TA)
  • HIST 262: “The History of the Holocaust” (TA)
  • HIST 140: “The World Since 1945” (TA)
  • HIST 276: “The Modern Middle East” (TA)