Getting Connected

As soon as you have a local address, local phone number, and email address, please give this information to the Graduate Coordinator, Jennifer Parker ( In addition:

  • Download and familiarize yourself with the Graduate Student Handbook.
  • Set up your UNC–CH email account as early as possible.
  • Send your email address to Jennifer Parker so that she can sign you up on HISTORY‑GRADUATE, the listserv through which you get important announcements from faculty and staff.
  • Subscribe to HISTGRAD, the grad‑student‑only listserv. Contact Gabe Moss, list manager, at and ask to be added.
  • Locate the Graduate Lounge in Hamilton 510. This is a center for the distribution of information among History graduate students and faculty.
  • Get your UNC One Card. This is your student ID. The Graduate School will give you information on how to do this.
  • Swiping your One Card will admit you to Hamilton 553, the graduate computer lab and graduate mailboxes.

Getting Settled

The Chapel Hill Chamber of Commerce maintains a web page designed especially for people relocating to the area. There’s information on school districts, housing, places of worship, as well map.

Housing: You might find UNC’s Housing Page (919.962.5406) helpful in your search for a place to live.  Married student housing is available.

Getting Registered for Courses

Before you register, you might want to read the Program Regulations; get faculty guidance via email (see faculty pages or the UNC directory for contact information). To find the Department’s lists of courses offered and recent schedules see the courses page.

Getting Oriented

Each fall the Graduate School provides an orientation for incoming graduate students.  For more information, go to the Graduate School.

Each fall the History Department hosts a History Reception. Jennifer will send information on this event to you before you arrive on campus.

Once you have arrived on campus and have established a local address, it is very important to see Jennifer Parker (office #557 Hamilton Hall) to fill out all of the necessary paperwork to set you up for payroll, payroll deduction of student fees, tax withholding, and Graduate Student Health Insurance. It will also be required that you complete an online I-9 form. For this you will need to bring in your current passport, or a current driver’s license (or another form of picture I.D.) and your original Social Security card (copies are not accepted) or your Birth Certificate.  If you don’t have either of these documents, please contact me for alternatives.

Getting Ready to Teach

Have you been appointed as a Teaching Assistant or an Apprentice Teacher? If so, contact the professor with whom you will be working.

You should also read the guidelines on TA responsibilities or AT responsibilities, included in the Graduate Student Handbook.

If you’ve been assigned to work as a Teaching Assistant, you must participate in the Department’s Teacher‑Training Workshop which is held before the beginning of the fall semester. You’ll be provided with details on this event before you arrive on campus. Apprentice Teachers are not required to attend these workshops.

International students should consult with the International Center for information on maintaining student visas and paying federal and state taxes.

The Graduate Coordinator, Jennifer Parker, is the best person to contact with questions about miscellaneous items.

Graduate History Society, 2018-19