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Time Limits

  • The Graduate School stipulates a maximum time period for satisfying all requirements for the MA degree (five years) and the PhD degree (eight years). At the end of this maximum period, students have to apply for an extension from the Graduate School.
  • The History Department expects that all students achieve ABD status (enter doctoral candidacy) by the end of their third year.
  • The History Department expects students entering with a B.A. to complete their M.A. requirements by the end of their third semester. Students typically defend their thesis in the early portion of their fourth semester.

Full-Time Status

  • A graduate student is considered a full-time student EITHER by enrolling in nine (9) credit hours OR being enrolled in a section of HIST 994.
  • The Graduate School has requirements for semesters-in-residence.
  • For the MA, 24 of the required 30 credit hours must be while in residence
  • D. students have to be enrolled full time (no fewer than 6 credit hours) for at least four semesters, at least two of which must be contiguous.

Registration Requirements for a Defense

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