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Lurcy Professor of European Civilization
502 Hamilton Hall
Office Hours: MW 3:30-4:30pm or by appointment
Curriculum Vitae


MA University of Wisconsin, 1964
PhD University of Wisconsin, 1969

Research Interests

Konrad H. Jarausch has written or edited about forty books in modern German and European history. Starting with Hitler’s seizure of power and the First World War, his research interests have moved to the social history of German students and professions German unification in 1989/90, with historiography under the Communist GDR, the nature of the East German dictatorship, as well as the debate about historians and the Third Reich. More recently, he has been concerned with the problem of interpreting twentieth-century German history in general, the learning processes after 1945, the issue of cultural democratization, and the relationship between Honecker and Breshnew.

Some Notable Publications

  • Out of Ashes: A New History of Europe in the Twentieth Century (Princeton University Press, 2015), 880 pp.
  • Reluctant Accomplice: A Wehrmacht Soldier’s Letters from the Eastern Front (Princeton University Press, 2011)
  • “Das stille Sterben…”: Feldpostbriefe von Konrad Jarausch aus Polen und Russland (Paderborn: Schöningh, 2008)
  • Gebrochene Wissenschaftskulturen : Universität und Politik im 20. Jahrhundert (Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2010)
  • Shattered Past: Reconstructing German Histories (Princeton University Press, 2002)

Graduate Students

Courses Taught (as schedule allows)

For current information about course offerings, click here.

  • HIST 159—Twentieth-Century Europe
  • HIST 462—Germany, 1815–1918
  • HIST 469—European Social History, 1815–1970
  • HIST 771—Readings in Nineteenth-Century European History
  • HIST 746—History and the Social Sciences
  • HIST 924—Seminar in Modern European History