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Emily B. Baron, To Make a Village Soviet
Brooke M. Bauer, Becoming Catawba
Christina B. Carroll, The Politics of Imperial Memory in France, 1850-1900 
Elizabeth N. Ellis, The Great Power of Small Nations
Burleigh Hendrickson, Decolonizing 1968
Bonnie A. Lucero, Race and Reproduction in Cuba
Sarah McNamara, Ybor City


Jonathan Todd Hancock, Convulsed States
Bonnie A. Lucero, Revolutionary Masculinity & Racial Inequality
Warren Eugene Milteer, Jr., Beyond Slavery’s Shadow (SHA Sydnor Award Winner, 2022)


Amanda Brickell Bellows, American Slavery and Russian Serfdom
Brandon Byrd, The Black Republic
Gregory Daddis, Pulp Vietnam
Adam Domby, The False Cause
Marko Dumančić, Men Out of Focus
Jeffrey Erbig, Where Caciques and Mapmakers Met
Barbara Hahn, Technology in the Industrial Revolution
Kimberly D. Hill, A Higher Mission
Patrick Kent, A History of the Pyrrhic War
Warren Milteer, North Carolina’s Free People of Color
Cecelia Moore, UNC A to Z
Ned Richardson-Little, The Human Rights Dictatorship
Stephen Riegg, Russia’s Entangled Embrace
Courtney Short, Uniquely Okinawan
Jill Snider, Lucean Arthur Headen
Brandon Winford, John Hervey Wheeler, Black Banking


Christopher Cameron, Black Freethinkers
Joshua Clark Davis, ed., Baltimore Revisited
Evan Faulkenbury, Poll Power
Edward Geist, Armageddon Insurance
Igor Fedyukin, The Enterprisers
Annika Frieberg, Peace at All Costs
Steven K. Green, The Third Disestablishment
Aaron Hale-Dorrell, Corn Crusade
Rachel Hynson, Laboring for the State
Seth Kotch, Lethal State
Scott Krause, Bringing Cold War Democracy to East Berlin
Ricky Law, Transnational Nazism
Brittany Lehman, Teaching Migrant Children
Bonnie Lucero, A Cuban City, Segregated
Joshua Lynn, Preserving the White Man’s Republic
Rósa Magnúsdóttir, Enemy Number One
Alan McPherson, Ghosts of Sheridan Circle
Marla Miller, Entangled Lives
David Silkenat, Raising the White Flag
Jessica Wilkerson, To Live Here, You Have to Fight


Waitman Beorn, The Holocaust in Eastern Europe
Melvin Deaile, Always at War
Nora Doyle, Maternal Bodies
Robert Ferguson, Race and the Remaking of the Rural South
Jerry Gershenhorn, Louis Austin and the Carolina Times
Bonnie Lucero, Revolutionary Masculinity and Racial Inequality
Malinda Maynor Lowery, The Lumbee Indians
Dwight Mears, The Medal of Honor
Michael O’Sullivan, Disruptive Power
Richards Plavnieks, Nazi Collaborators on Trial
Edward Slavishak, Proving Ground
Philipp Stelzel, History After Hitler
Brian Turner, ed., Brill’s Companion to Military Defeat in Ancient Mediterranean Society
Sarah Vierra, Turkish Germans in the Federal Republic of Germany
Kenneth Zogry, Print News and Raise Hell


Randy Browne, Surviving Slavery in the British Caribbean
Mary Elizabeth Basile Chopas, Searching for the Subversives
Gregory Daddis, Withdrawal
Joshua Davis, From Head Shops to Whole Foods
Brian Drohan, Brutality in an Age of Human Rights
Pamela Grundy, Color and Character
Stephen Milder, Greening Democracy
Cecelia Moore, The Federal Theatre Project
Zsolt Nagy, Great Expectations and Interwar Realities
Jennifer Parks, The Olympic Games
Richards Plavnieks, Nazi Collaborators on Trial During the Cold War
Bianca Premo, The Enlightenment on Trial
Jennifer Ritterhouse, Discovering the South
Sarah Shurts, Resentment and the Right
Christina Snyder, Great Crossings
Odd Arne Westad, The Cold War


Mikaëla Adams, Who Belongs?
Devyn Spence Benson, Antiracism in Cuba
Sarah Bond, Trade and Taboo
John Chasteen, Getting High
Jefferson Cowie, The Great Exception
Hilary Green, Educational Reconstruction
Matthew Harper, The End of Days
Robert M.S. McDonald, Confounding Father
John McManamon, Caligula’s Barges
Douglas Carl Peifer, Choosing War
Julie Reed, Serving the Nation
Gleb Tsipursky, Socialist Fun


Emily Bingham, Irrepressible
Laura Edwards, A Legal History
Steven Keith Green, Inventing a Christian America
J. Laurence Hare, Excavating Nations
Jon Olsen, Tailoring Truth
Julia Osman, Citizen Soldiers
Michael Ross, The Great New Orleans Kidnapping Case
Johanna Schoen, Abortion after Roe
David Sehat, The Jefferson Rule
Eric Steinhart, The Holocaust and the Germanization of Ukraine
Timothy Williams, Intellectual Manhood


Andrew Arnold, Fueling the Gilded Age
Emily Baran, Dissent on the Margins
Waitman Beorn, Marching Into Darkness
Christopher Cameron, To Plead Our Own Cause
Gregory A. Daddis, Westmoreland’s War
Shuhua Fan, The Harvard-Yenching Institute
Elizabeth Gritter, River of Hope
Monte Hampton, Storm of Words
Ethan Kytle, Romantic Reformers
Alan McPherson, The Invaded
Paula Michaels, Lamaze
Marla Miller, Rebecca Dickinson
Joshua Nadel, Fútbol!
Laura Puaca, Searching for Scientific Womanpower
Blain Roberts, Pageants, Parlors, and Pretty Women
Katy Simpson Smith, The Story of Land and Sea
Michelle Strong, Education, Travel, and the ‘Civilisation’ of the Victorian Working Classes
Jacqueline Whitt, Bringing God to Men


Thomas Devine, Henry Wallace’s 1948 Presidential Campaign
Tracy K’Meyer, From Brown to Meredith
John McManamon, The Text and Contexts of Ignatius Loyola’s “Autobiography”
David Sartorius, Ever Faithful
Adam Seipp, Strangers in the Wild Place
Sarah Thuesen, Greater than Equal
Timothy N. Thurber, Republicans and Race
William Van Norman, Shade-grown Slavery


Lance Betros, Carved from Granite
Ian Crowe, Patriotism and Public Spirit
Steven K. Green, The Bible, the School
Christopher Fuhrmann, Policing the Roman Empire
Barry Levitt, Power in the Balance
Kathryn Newfont, Blue Ridge Commons
Rachel Sarah O’Toole, Bound Lives
Blake Slonecker, A New Dawn for the New Left
Paul Quigley, Shifting Grounds
Brian Steele, Thomas Jefferson and American Nationhood
Odd Arne Westad, Restless Empire


Jürgen Buchenau, The Last Caudillo
Gregory A. Daddis, No Sure Victory
Natalie Fousekis, Demanding Child Care
Cindy Hahamovitch, No Man’s Land
Barbara Hahn, Making Tobacco Bright
Christopher Hamner, Enduring Battle
Elizabeth Heineman, Before Porn was Legal
Timothy Henderson, Beyond Borders
Angela Hornsby-Gutting, Black Manhood
Matthew Jacobs, Imagining the Middle East
Michael Meng, Shattered Spaces
Susan Pearson, The Rights of the Defenseless
Stephen Pemberton, The Bleeding Disease
David Sehat, The Myth of American Religious Freedom
David Silkenat, Moments of Despair
Rose Stremlau, Sustaining the Cherokee Family
Karen Kruse Thomas, Deluxe Jim Crow