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Despite UNC missing this year’s March Madness bracket, much-lauded History Professor Matt Andrews brought basketball to the March 23 Board of Trustees meeting. Andrews gave a brief presentation on five lesser-known basketball teams in North Carolina, highlighting how the history of basketball can help us understand race, gender, culture, and identity in our state.

These kinds of conversations feature regularly in Dr. Andrews’ course, “Race, Basketball and the American Dream” in which students use the lens of sport to examine broader societal issues. Dr. Andrews also teaches courses on the Global Olympics and Baseball in American History.

For a full list of History courses (including those from Dr. Andrews) offered this coming Fall 2023, check out the History Department’s website here. You can also read more about Dr. Andrews’ presentation at the BOT meeting from The Well or by clicking the link below.

March Madness comes to Board of Trustees

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