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At the November 2022 UNC Board of Trustees meeting, seven faculty members were appointed to distinguished professorships. We’re very honored to have one of these appointees, Michael Tsin, in the History Department! Dr. Tsin was named Earl N. Philips Jr. Distinguished Term Professor in International Studies. His appointment will start January 1, 2023.

As The Well wrote this week, “appointment to a distinguished professorship is one of the highest faculty honors the University can bestow.” Dr. Tsin’s current research focuses on the social processes of identity formation through the prism of late nineteenth and twentieth century China. More broadly, he is interested in how ideas and practices are translated into establish norms and values, disseminated through the social body, transplanted across times and places, and contested by the populace. Dr. Tsin has written two books, including a Norton History of the World textbook. In the History Department, he teaches “Introduction to Chinese History,” as well as various courses on twentieth century China, migration, and national identity.

Congratulations to Dr. Tsin for a well-deserved recognition!

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