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Name: Jacob Bell
Thesis Adviser: Louise McReynolds
“The Autocrat and the Revolutionary: Catherine the Great, John Paul Jones, and the Enlightenment’s ‘Woman Question’”

Name: Mary Grady Bell
Thesis Adviser: Lloyd Kramer
“The Nationalist Meanings of 20th Century Olympic Games: Conflicting National Identities and Memories in Mexico, Germany, and America”

Name: Sydney Bezanson
Thesis Adviser: Malinda Maynor Lowery
“The ‘C’ in the Name: Religion and Student Activism in the Campus Y at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1930-1990”

Name: Katherine Frances Cayton
Thesis Adviser: Karen Auerbach
“A ‘Third Possibility’ Revolution: The Success of Émigré Reporting Networks at Radio Free Europe During Poland’s 1956 Thaw”

Name: Rebekah Cockram
Thesis Adviser: Michael Morgan
Cession and Retreat: Negotiating Hong Kong’s Future 1979 – 1984”

Name: Olivia Holder
Thesis Adviser: Michelle King
“Possessions of Empire: The Construction of Imperial Identities in Britain and China”

Name: Jeremy Howell
Thesis Adviser: Lauren Jarvis
“The Dethroning: Prester John’s Demise and The Shaping of Modern Ethiopia”

Name: Lacey Hunter
Thesis Adviser: Wayne Lee
“An Expansive Subjecthood in Eighteenth-Century British North America: The Life and Perspectives of Sir Guy Carleton”

Name: Matthew McKnight
Thesis Adviser: Molly Worthen
“’Not a Square Inch’: Abraham Kuyper and the Role of Epistemology in Shaping the American Evangelical Response to Modernity”

Name: James Messmer
Thesis Adviser: Brett Whalen
“The Final Judgement: John Bale and an Apocalyptic Justification of English Protestantism”

Name: Alexander Peeples
Thesis Adviser: Lauren Jarvis
“Relearning Ujamaa: Education in Tanzania from 1954 to 2002”

Name: Michael Purello
Thesis Adviser: Tobias Hof
“Protesting the ‘Condonation of Savagery’: American Catholics and Non-Involvement in the Spanish Civil War”

Name: Sophie Rupp
Thesis Adviser: Flora Cassen
“The Man Who Meant Too Much: Domestic and International Implications of the Beilis Case”

Name: Michael Sanders
Thesis Adviser: Lloyd Kramer
“Voltaire’s Use of the Other to Reform France: A Philosophe’s Critique of Society”

Name: Emma Watts
Thesis Adviser: James Leloudis
“The Wimmin Are With Us to Stay’: Women’s Social Activities at the University of North Carolina from 1897-1946”