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Name: Griffin Creech
Thesis Adviser: Donald Raleigh
Title: “Imagining Russia, Informing America: Samuel N. Harper, U.S. Public Opinion, and the Russian Revolution, 1916 – 1921”

Name: Augusta Dell’Omo
Thesis Adviser: Susan Pennybacker
“Tending the Enemy’s Flock: German Pastors and POWs in Britain, 1940 – 1955”

Name: Sam Fletcher
Thesis Adviser:
Brett Whalen and Marcus Bull
Title: “Constructing Sanctity in the Long Twelfth Century: The Miracles of St. Anselm, St. Bernard, and St. Francis”

Name: Dana Landress
Thesis Adviser: Raúl Necochea
Title: “The Nomenclature Precedent: A Pre-History of the Human Genome Project”

Name: Tyler Litke
Adviser: William Barney
Title: “Yearning for Normalcy: Marriage and Gender in the Slaveholding Class during the Civil War”

Name: Brent McKnight
Thesis Adviser: James Leloudis
“Festival Tourism: Advertising the Western North Carolina Tourist Industry Through Cultural Performance in the Cherokee Indian Fair, the Rhododendron Festival, and the Grandfather Mountain Highlight Games”

Name: Mari Moss
Adviser: Chad Bryant
“Adaptation, Immigration, and Identity: The Tensions of American Jewish Food Culture”

Name: Tyra Pearson
Thesis Adviser: John Sweet
Title: “‘Unnatural Mother’: Race, Gender, and Infanticide in the Nineteenth Century”