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Name: Kali Abu-Sharr
Thesis Adviser: Marcus Bull
Title: “Forming a Legacy through Building, Literature, and Gift-Giving in the Golden Age of Justinian”

Name: Claire Burridge
Thesis Adviser: Richard J. A. Talbert
Title: “A Fresh Perspective on a Forgotten Community: The Case of Gabii”

Name: Cassie Etter-Wenzel
Thesis Adviser: Karen Hagemann
Title: “Feminism and Peace: Women in the Japanese Peace Movement of the 1970s and 1980s”

Name: Steven Garbin
Thesis Adviser: Lloyd S. Kramer
Title: “Interpreting Democracy:  Tocqueville and Chateaubriand on Political Freedom, Frontier Culture, and the Decline of the French Aristocracy”

Name: Sam Hobbs
Thesis Adviser: W. Fitzhugh Brundage
Title: “Architects of Memory in the Postwar South: The Origins and Evolution of the Lost Cause”

Name: Hillary Hollowood
Thesis Adviser: Joseph T. Glatthaar
Title: “A Blessing and a Curse: The North Carolina Railroad and the American Civil War in Rowan County, North Carolina 1850–1870”

Name: Derrick Kay
Thesis Adviser: Zaragosa Vargas
Title: “Coal Mining in North Carolina: A Forgotten Example of Southern Industrialization”

Name: Lawson Kuehnert
Thesis Adviser: James L. Leloudis
Title: “‘Our South Has Changed’: The Popular Response to Civil Rights in North Carolina and the Evolution of a Social Vision, 1954–1964”

Name: Anna Langley
Thesis Adviser: Iqbal Singh Sevea
Title: “The Minority Search for Belonging: Jews and Bengalis in London’s East End, 1890–present”

Name: John Runge
Thesis Adviser: Raúl Necochea
Title: “Yellow Fever and Medical Helplessness: Lessons from the Past on Caregivers and Patients When There Is No Cure”

Name: Corey Vines
Thesis Adviser: Malinda Maynor Lowery
Title: “On the Eve of Change: The Mental, Social, and Political Journey of African Americans during World War I”

Name: Luke Wander
Thesis Adviser: Michael Tsin
Title: “Shaking the Whole World: the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution as Global History, 1966–1976”