Lecturers and Post-Doctoral Fellows

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Matthew AndrewsAndrews

Department Lecturer/Adviser

• United States History

• History of Sport

515 Hamilton Hall │ 919.962.2374 │ andrewsm@email.unc.edu

Joseph Caddell

Visiting Lecturer

• History of Air Power
• History of Sea Power
• History of Intelligence

403 Hamilton Hall │ 919.843.4517 │ caddellj@email.unc.edu

kylemaysKyle T. Mays

History Postdoctoral Fellow

• Modern US History 
• Urban History 
• Comparative race and ethnicity
• Indigenous Studies

551 Hamilton Hall│mayskyle@email.unc.edu 

Owre PictureMaximilian Owre

Department Lecturer; Executive Director, Program in the Humanities

Hamilton Hall │ owre@email.unc.edu
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