Robert Richard

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Robert S. RichardPhD Candidate

Major Field: United States History
Other Fields: History of Capitalism, Native American History, Canadian History
Adviser: Harry L. Watson



BA Princeton University, 2009 (History, American Studies, cum laude)
MA Yale University, 2011 (History)
MA Thesis: “Jacksonian Democracy in Lower Canada: A Transnational Analysis of Anti-Bank, Hard-Money Ideology in the 1830s”

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

As a native of Philadelphia, PA, I have always been fascinated with the history of the early American republic. I am now completing my dissertation, “Panic and Power: The First Great Depression in North Carolina, 1819-1833,” which explores the political, economic and social consequences of the first major financial collapse in American history through the lens of one critical yet understudied Southern state. When not working on this project, I also pursue my interests in the profound connections between the United States and the British colonies of Upper and Lower Canada, as well as the complex relationships between white and Native American groups during the period of Indian Removal.

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