Graeme Ward

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Ph.D. Candidate

Major Field: Ancient History

Other Fields: Military History, Historiography, Social Relations

Adviser: Richard Talbert

B.A. (Classics): Queen’s University, 2006
M.A. (Classics): McMaster University, 2008

M.A. Thesis: “Revealing the History behind the Caesarean Acta Regarding Palestine in Josephus’ Jewish Antiquities (XIV. 190–212)”

Research Interests

My research concerns how violence, social status, and personal authority shaped Roman military and social practices. My dissertation, entitledCenturions: The Practice of Roman Officership, explores how legionary centurions, the Roman army’s intermediary officer class, performed an essential military and social role in the management of the Roman Empire. I argue, using textual, archaeological, and epigraphic evidence, that centurions were simultaneously the linchpin of the legions’ military hierarchy, and the chief representatives of Roman civil administration at the periphery of the empire. Centurions thus both functionally and symbolically lay at the intersection of Rome’s military apparatus and imperial power.

Curriculum Vitae
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