Donald Santacaterina

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PhD Student 

Major Field: Recent Chinese History
Michelle King

BA Furman University, 2015

Research Interests

My current research interests center on the Chinese Hukou Household Registration System and its impact on family life in recent Chinese history, although I also find myself engaging in studies of foodways, gender history, and marriage and migration patterns through my research. I am particularly focused on the existence of “suburban” identities in recent Chinese history, and the how strict parameters of “urban” and “rural” as defined by the household registration system has affected family and individual lives in between city and village. My most recent work, “Grocery Shopping and Gendered Food Responsibilities in Urban China,” focused on the urban Chinese experience of shopping and cooking during the era of high socialism through economic reform and opening, and the ways in which limited access to food affected domestic gender roles and family life during this time period. My undergraduate work also had me deeply engaged with the history of America during WWI, and I look to publish a co-authored book on the local history of Greenville, SC during WWI by 2019.

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