Brady J. Washington

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grad photo copyPhD Student

Major Field: Ancient History
 Richard Talbert and Fred Naiden




BA University of Michigan, 2007 (Classics)
MA University of Chicago, 2014
MA Thesis: “A Realist Approach to the Systemic Bellicosity of Ancient Mediterranean Societies”

Research Interests

My research is primarily focused on Greece during the 4th century BCE, very specifically the growth of the Macedonian Empire under Philip II and Alexander.  I am keenly interested in the way that warfare ruled the landscape of antiquity.  Were Philip and Alexander just power hungry despots or were they simply doing all they could to keep their homeland sovereign in a time of international political anarchy?  Why was warfare so ubiquitous? What were its causes and effects?  How were cultural identity, social stratification, and concepts of masculinity affected by this ever-pervasive war?  By examining  modern day scholarship in fields such as sociology, political theory, and economics I hope to get closer to the answers to some of these questions.

Curriculum Vitae

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