Aubrey Lauersdorf

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Lauersdorf_AubreyPhD Student

Major Field:  United States History
Adviser: Kathleen DuVal



BA  University of Wisconsin-Madison

Research Interests

Aubrey is interested in Native American histories, women’s & gender history, and early American history. She researches La Florida, a region that initially encompassed not only the modern state of Florida but also much of the modern southeastern United States, through the seventeenth century. In her M.A. thesis, she used the records of the Hernando de Soto expedition to understand power relations among the Native chiefdoms of the region, focusing on how Native non-elites could reinforce or undermine these power relations through their interactions with De Soto and his army. More generally, she uses an interdisciplinary approach—drawing upon the fields of history, archaeology, and cultural anthropology—to understand the experiences of Native non-elites in La Florida. While her work examines the effects of early Spanish expeditions, settlements, and missions on social relations, she places especial focus on the period prior to European contact.

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