Iqbal Singh Sevea

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Associate Professor

413 Hamilton Hall
CB# 3195
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27599

BA National University of Singapore, 1999

MA School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, 2000
DPhil University of Oxford, 2007

Research Interests

Iqbal Singh Sevea is interested in the socio-cultural, political and intellectual histories of modern South Asia. His new book, The Political Philosophy of Muhammad Iqbal: Islam and Nationalism in Late Colonial India (Cambridge University Press, 2012), uses the controversial South Asian Muslim intellectual, Muhammad Iqbal (1877–1938), as a foil to a broader analysis of the engagement between Muslim intellectuals and western socio-political thought. Instead of assuming a fixed Islamic political tradition, the book explores contesting interpretations of Islam, which emerged in South Asia during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries often through deep entanglement with western political thought from Nietzsche to Marx. Click here to read more.

Some Notable Publications

Graduate Students Advised by Iqbal Singh Sevea

Courses Offered (as schedules allow)

For current course listings, consult the Registrar’s Schedule of Classes.

  • HIST 136—History of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh: South Asia since 1750
  • HIST 292—South Asia Since Independence: Society, Religion and Politics
  • HIST 292—Sex, Violence and Religion: Revolutionary Thought in Modern South Asia
  • HIST 393—Islam in Modern and Contemporary South Asia
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