Emma Jane Flatt’s Research Interests, continued

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A second project concerns the history of the practices and philosophies of friendship and sociability in medieval South Asia and involves an in-depth investigation into the way in which courtiers developed and maintained relationships with their peers, superiors and subordinates. She is also interested in the history of the senses in South Asia, particularly the cultural construction of the sense of smell in medieval India and the intersection of the sense of smell with discourses of class, aesthetics, sociability, medicine and the body. Finally, Professor Flatt is beginning to explore the history of magic in South Asia. Drawing on manuscripts of astral, astrological and liturgical magic produced in the medieval Deccan, she is interested in exploring the position of magic in an Islamicate society; its intersection with religion and belief—both Islam and Hinduism; its use in practices of sociability and intimacy; and its intersections with philosophical and cosmological understandings of the nature of the world.

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