David Griffiths

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Professor Emeritus

CB# 3195
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27599

M.A. Columbia University, 1964
Ph.D. Cornell University, 1967

Research Interests

His research interests focus on seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Russia. The three themes that interest him most are 1) the nature of Russian absolutism; 2) the representation of Catherine II as a female ruler; and 3) early Russian-American relations.

Some Notable Publications

  • The Charters of Catherine II [with George Munro] (1991)
  • “Catherine II: The Republican Empress,” in Jahrbücher für Geschichte Osteuropas, 1975
  • “Plans for a Middle Estate in Catherinean Russia,” in Canadian-American Slavic Studies, 1984
  • Eight articles on early Russian-American relations, leading to a major monograph on the subject.
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