Daniel Cobb

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Adjunct Associate Professor
215 Greenlaw Hall
CB# 3520
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27599
Primary Appointment in American Studies
BA Messiah College, 1996 (History)
MA University of Wyoming, 1998
PhD Oklahoma, 2003

Research Interests

Daniel M. Cobb joined the Department of American Studies in fall 2010, after serving as a faculty member in the History Department at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and as Assistant Director of the D’Arcy McNickle Center for American Indian and Indigenous Studies at the Newberry Library in Chicago. His research and teaching focuses on American Indian history since 1887, political activism, ethnohistorical methods, ethnobiography, memory, and global indigenous rights.

Some Notable Publications

Courses Offered (as schedules allow)

For current course listings, consult the Registrar’s Schedule of Classes.

  • AMST/HIST 110—Introduction to the Cultures and Histories of Native North America
  • AMST/HIST 878: Readings in Native American History
  • AMST 203—Approaches to American Indian Studies
  • AMST/HIST 233—Native America: The West
  • AMST/HIST 235—Twentieth-Century American Indian History
  • AMST 337—Beyond Red Power:  American Indian Activism since 1900
  • AMST 339—The Long 1960s in Native America

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