Adjunct and Visiting Faculty

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photo_small-410Daniel M. Cobb

Adjunct Associate Professor
Primary Appointment in American Studies• American Indian History
• Twentieth-century United States History
• Ethnohistorical Methods215 Greenlaw Hall │ CB# 3520 │  919.962.3654 │
James G. FergusonVisiting LecturerHamilton Hall │ 919.962.2223 │
THofTobias Hof

DAAD Visiting Professor


• Modern European History
• International Relations, Security, and Fascism
• Modern Italian History509 Hamilton Hall │

Kenneth R. Janken
Adjunct Professor; Director, Center for the Study of the American South
Primary Appointment in African & Afro-American Studies



301 Battle Hall │ CB# 3395 │ 919.962.1519 │

Raúl Necochea

Adjunct Associate Professor
Primary Appointment in Social Medicine
CB #7240 │

an Pitelka

Adjunct Associate Professor; Director, Carolina Asia Center
Primary Appointment in Asian Studies

Medieval and Early Modern Japan
• Material Culture Studies

New West 113 │ 919.843.7353 │

Rachel-SeidmanRachel Seidman
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Associate Director, Southern Oral History Program• US Women’s History
• US Social History
• Oral History

Love House and Hutchins Forum │ 919.962.0455 │
Anne Mitchell Whisnant
Adjunct Associate Professor
Deputy Secretary of the Faculty• Public History
• Digital History
• United States National Parks

203 Carr │ 919.962.1671 │

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